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MOOssiggang is one of the world's first bilingual German-English MOOs. MOOs are powerful online learning environments that developed from some of the earliest gaming software available on the Internet. Despite its pedigree, MOOs remain cutting-edge software with powerful, easy-to-use programming capabilities. In MOOssiggang, students use German to communicate with native speakers and other language learners online, complete rich, collaborative projects, and build their own individualized, German-language spaces and objects.

MOOssiggang was created at Vassar in 1998 by Jeffrey Schneider, Silke von der Emde, and two student assistants, Andrew Rosenberg '01 and Cristina Carp '00 using the enCore Learning Environment, a system developed by Jan Rune Holmevik and Cynthia Haynes at LinguaMOO. The name MOOssiggang is a pun on the word Müßiggang, a German word that means something akin to leisure, relaxation, and idleness, and which is intended to capture the MOO's dimension of play.

MOOssiggang continues to be used as an integral part of the Department's award-winning Intermediate German Sequence. The value of using MOOssiggang for intellectually rich language learning has been documented in several published articles and books:

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