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Selected Online Resources on African-Americans and Blacks in German

Noted African American visitors in Germany

ANDERSON, Marian (1897?-1993)

Operatic and concert singer renowned throughout the world for her extraordinary contralto voice. Studied Lieder in Berlin; famed performance in Salzburg, 1935. [with German Lieder audio]

BUMBRY, Grace (alive and well and outspoken)

First 'black' to sing in Wagner's Bayreuth (1961) -- married a German.

DUBOIS, William Edward Burghardt (1868-1963)

Educator, author, historian, sociologist, philosopher, poet, and leader. Besides being one of the founders of the NAACP, first African American to receive a doctoral degree from Harvard University -- after two years of study in Germany.

OWENS, James Clarence (1913-1980)

Legendary "Jesse" - winner of 4 gold medals, one of several winning African Americans athletes at the 1936 (Nazi) Olympics


ROBESON, Paul (1898-1976)

TURNER, TINA (1939-)

(ageless singing granny with legs, house in Switzerland, and younger German 'partner')
(has German Focus interview)

MAY AYIM [Opitz]